Wood Floor Refinishing & Installation

wood floor refinishing hamilton nj

Wood floor refinishing can expose the original beauty of an old wood floor and add value to your home.  Refinishing an old wood floor is a more affordable and quicker solution than completely replacing your floors. However, the staff at Hammer Head Group are experts in wood floor installation as well, if your old floors are unable to be refinished or you simply want to change the flooring in your home.

Wood Floor Refinishing Services

Scratches, dents, and damage can hide the beauty of your existing hardwood floors. Hammer Head Group can restore your old wood floors and bring that original beauty back into your home. We will sand, refinish, and repair your floors and instantly transform your home.

Our wood floor refinishing experts have years of experience working with all different types of flooring.  We will walk you through our process and help you select the right stain to bring out the beauty of your floors.

Wood Floor Installation

In addition to wood floor refinishing, Hammer Head Group also specializes in wood floor installation.  We have experience working with different types of flooring and will help you choose the right material and color for your home.  We take pride in our work and stand behind all of our  floor installations. Call us today for a free estimate.