Getting Ready to Sell Your Home

Switching homes is a tedious job. What takes more even more effort is selling your existing house to arrange the funds for your new home. It becomes very difficult to sell your home at the price you want for it without spending a little money on its pre-sell maintenance and repairs. And if you do not pay full attention, you might even end up putting in more money than the extra money you wanted to make by investing in these repairs and maintenance in the first place. To help you with this issue we have put taken the inputs of some of the finest real estate minds and a few home buyers to get a perspective on things they seem to be important. These inputs come from the probably the most relevant sources, and that is why we highly recommend them to be given high importance. Investing in these few upgrades, maintenance, and repairs can get you the price you want for your home with considerable ease.

Keep Everything Nice and Tidy: Install Closet Systems and Organize Everything

If you do not already have a spacious closet system in your home, you might consider getting one. You might not have needed one while you lived in it, but for someone who is moving into a new house, it has become probably the first thing home buyers look for nowadays. They need a place to store their stuff before organizing it in their house. Having a walk in closet in the master bedroom can help your realtor greatly in selling your home with ease, as it increases the marketability homes greatly. The incoming buyer will prefer having an organizing system in their bedroom in the form of a closet. It is not only us who think that it is the general consensus of most home buyers.

Install Hardwood Flooring or Have it Refinished

Hardwood floors are a big “YES” in helping get the right value for your home. If you do not already have hardwood floors, do not think twice before investing in it. This is one investment that will only reap you profits at the time of sale. And if you already have hardwood floors, you might only need to have them refinished with a few repairs and maintenance that it might need here and there and your house is ready for a great sell.

Pressure Washing the Exterior

Pressure washing is not the most expensive maintenance activity you will conduct, but it certainly is one of the most effective. A clean driveway, garage, garden, and other facilities can help you sell your house with a lot of ease.

Painting the Walls

With the exterior power washed, the interior of your house might look a little dull to potential buyers. The best way to deal with this is refreshing your walls with the latest colors that are currently in fashion. This will just motivate the buyer even more to buy your house.

Add a Small Deck

Having a deck built outside your home costs approximately $35 per square foot. A small deck will cost around $1000 but can repay you a lot in terms of selling your house. It gives your house a more luxurious look and gives the buyer one more reason to select your house rather opting for some alternative.

Fixing the Sewerage System

Having your gutters cleaned is very important. Nobody would like to move into a home with choked sewerage lines. Hire plumbing services, and get all sewerage related issues fixed. If there are any sort of repairs and maintenance needed in your gutters, get them done before you put your house on sale.

Add Crown Molding and Wainscoting

Adding fancy carpentry like crown molds and wainscots can act as the icing on the cake. It gives your house a great outlook which catches the attention of the visiting homebuyers immediately. They give your home a brilliant chance of selling itself with ease.


These tips will help you increase the marketability of your home greatly. So, if you have not been able to sell your home quickly enough at the right price, then these tips will definitely help you with these things. These make selling your house as easy as ABC!

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