The Four Best Paint Colors For Bedrooms

The Four Best Paint Colors For Bedrooms

As a child, decorating our bedrooms was usually a source of enjoyment and creativity. It was the only place where we could reflect our inner selves through whatever colors or themes we chose. As we’ve grown up we still make decorating decisions based on how we want a room to make us feel, but those desired feelings change. Instead of bright exciting colors, we want our bedrooms to make us feel relaxed. After all, when the world out there is such a crazy place, it’s nice to have a calm space to wake up to and lay your head at the end of the day. The paint color for your bedroom is a very important decision to achieve this goal. There are four colors in particular which are great choices for creating a soft relaxing space to sleep. Take a look at the four best paint colors for bedrooms and decide which works best in yours.

No. 1: Blue

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